Why Should I choose Acupuncture?

Needle placement at acupuncture points allows the doctor to coordinate the energy circulating in the meridians, restoring the body’s mental and physical balance.

Is acupuncture a simple process which could be applied by almost anyone?

Acupuncture’s treatment process is not simple one. The doctor must take a complete medical history record from the patient, examine the patient clinically to make an accurate diagnosis, and finally carefully choose the most appropriate combination of acupuncture points. The choice of acupuncture points and their respective combination will give the best therapeutic effect for the patient. He needs to know the depth and exact anatomical position of the acupuncture points, the tissues (nerves, arteries, veins, peripheral ganglia, etc.) that are around the points and additionally the properties and connections of the meridians, so that he can balance the energy.


The needle that enters one of these points has an effect on the function of the organ which is related to the “meridian” on which the specific point is located. The penetration of the needle in carefully selected points is absolutely mandatory by the skilled and experienced acupuncturist and restores the natural circulation of energy and heals his patient. The piercing of the needle at precisely defined points stimulates special nerves which transmit electrical discharges to the lower centers of the brain and from there to the disease-affected area.

Achieving smooth energy circulation will boost our health. On the other hand, a distortion of the latter can potentially cause disease.

The acupuncturist doctor must be able to diagnose a possible energy disorder.  The placement of special metal needles on the precise acupuncture points chosen should effectively restore the energy balance in the body, thus treating the symptom or disease of the patient.

How many clinical trials and laboratory experiments investigating the beneficial effects of  acupuncture have been undertaken?

A great number of patients with chronic, acute, incurable health problems have participated in clinical trials related to acupuncture treatments.

The action of acupuncture has been tested on chronic pain (back pain, neck pain, neck periarthritis, headaches, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma, allergies, trigeminal neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, psychosis). More than 5,000 acupuncture medical studies have been recorded in electronic medical databases (Medline, Ovid, etc.).

Today, after 2,000 years of application (according to other sources, it has been applied since 2,698 BC), acupuncture is experiencing a new period of rebirth since 15% of Greeks, 12-19% of other Europeans, 20-60% of Australians and more than 2 million Americans (the FDA estimates 9-12 million acupuncture procedures per year) resort to acupuncture to solve their health problems.

The positive results of the systematic work of clinical physicians and researchers provided acupuncture with a critical justification. Nowadays, 64% (75 of the 117 schools) of American Medical Universities include acupuncture in their medical student education programs (from 16 to 160 hours). The American Pain Medicine Association includes acupuncture in the exam material for obtaining a degree in algology. Additionally, The U.S.A. National Institute of Health promotes and funds  acupuncture research. IASP recognizes the significant analgesic effect of acupuncture (articles are often published in the internationally renowned journal Pain) and most pain clinics in Greece and abroad use acupuncture and electro-acupuncture to treat acute and chronic pain.

Does the Greek Ministry of Health approve Acupuncture?

The Hellenic State via the Ministry of Health – Welfare and Social Insurance accepts Acupuncture as a method of treatment, which is applied only by doctors…” (Prot. Number Y7 / 0ik. / 4270 / 25- 6-96).  It is underlined that the implementation of Acupuncture must be performed exclusively by doctors who have experience and have been trained in Acupuncture..” (574 / A4 / 1191 / 21-2-1980).

Many hospitals in Europe, USA and Greece use acupuncture on a daily basis to treat difficult health problems.

The use of acupuncture is now legalized in countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. It is not surprising that while these countries have the highest level of medical care, they accept the equal use of acupuncture in medicine. This is because there are patients who suffer from incurable, degenerative diseases some of which have no effective treatment.

In Greece, acupuncture has been officially accepted by the Ministry of Health. It is applied by doctors and is considered a medical procedure. This statement made by the Ministry of Health is generally accepted and fully guarantees the interests of patients.


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