Visual Field Tests M. Marianna - Stargardt Disease

Compilations of Visual Field Test results of patient with Stargardt Disease before and after our Acupuncture sessions. The improvement of the patient’s Visual Field is proof of our effective treatment.

  • Color display of a Visual Field Map of a young female patient with Stargardt Disease. The Visual Field Tests were taken using the Medmont automated perimeter (MAP) both before and after the implementation of a Personalized Acupuncture Protocol of our Institute, specialized in vision improvement.
  • Pictures at the top are the results of the Visual Field Test before Acupuncture treatment.
  • Pictures at the bottom are the results of the Visual Field Test after Acupuncture treatment.
  • There is a Superior visual field defect which is close to the central fixation point.
  • Areas of Defect of Visual Field are represented in colors:
  • As Stargardt Disease progresses, absolute Central Scotomas develop and the preferred retinal fixation becomes eccentric.
  • After 10 Acupuncture sessions there is clear contraction of the red-yellow defect region in both eyes. Central vision of the patient was significantly improved. The dark blue areas are also less pronounced translating to better peripheral vision.
  • Field Overall Defect: Marked improvement is captured in more detail in the perimeter’s global analysis located to the bottom right of the pages, next to the blue arrow <=

In details: On 22nd February 2022, when the Acupuncture sessions started, the right eye had an indication of 2.16 and the left eye 1.33. On 29th March 2022, after the completion of the Personalized Acupuncture Treatment cycle, the indications became 0.96 and 0.57 respectively.

The Overall Defect values after our Acupuncture treatment are numerically closer to 0.00 related to those before Acupuncture, indicating a healthier visual field.

  • The healthier Visual Fields are proof of the evidence-based effectiveness of our Therapy Method.
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