Medical Acupuncture: After the first treatments, I can no longer see blurry!

Hi, my name is Xanthipi Vardaki and I come from Kilkis. I have visited the Institute of Medical Acupuncture in Athens in order to deal with the problem I have on my right eye. That is, the Retinopathy, in other words Central Serous Chorioretinopathy.

After my first sessions, I started noticing an improvement. I don’t see hazily anymore, my eyes have cleared. I can drive easily. Afterwards, and continuing my sessions, a small astigmatism that I had in my left eye has disappeared and now, having completed my treatment, I can easily read articles on my phone, without eyeglasses, though a little bit hazily. I can also read books and generally do things myself much easier in daily life.

I heartily recommend acupuncture to everyone. It is a treatment I have been following for years and I think if anyone starts it, they are going to see great improvement on their health generally. For the acupuncture is not only helpful for eye diseases, but something that helps improving the quality of our life too.