Social contribution

Social contribution is fundamental for ORASIS Acupuncture Center. Practical support to vulnerable and sensitive social groups is always our priority through specialized services and initiatives. In particular, our corporate social responsibility includes:

  • Provide significant discounts to groups of people who are strongly affected by the financial crisis and who need the help of our ORASIS
  • Conducting workshops & volunteer activities to raise public awareness for patients suffering from eye diseases that can treat acupuncture (inhibition of the disease and improvement of visual ability).
  • Discount pricing onAcupunctureand Oriental Medicine (AOM) Day and World Sight Day (WSD) lasting for the entire week (November & October respectively).
  • Actions in collaboration with patient groups, private and public institutions within the Attica region. Additionally, the Center’s initiatives shall be promoted to local communities in different regions of Greece as well as to groups of patients who face obstacles in travelling to Attica.


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