Orasis Acupuncture Institute: Our Vision

The vision and the experience we wish to convey is the driving force for achieving the goals of the “Orasis Acupuncture Institute”.

Our vision is to communicate the value and effectiveness of Medical Acupuncture, Electro-acupuncture and Botanotherapy to patients suffering from severe and hard-to-treat eye diseases.

Our goal is the improvement of our fellow humans’ quality of life, at every age range, through the specialized and strictly personalized Medical Acupuncture protocols that we apply at our Institute.

Complementary Health and Medical Approaches of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.) and Acupuncture support our vision and its implementation. The combination of these approaching types with the Classical Western Medicine, where necessary, can offer the best possible approach to severe ophthalmological conditions that each patient faces.

The improved vision of our patients will make them productive on a personal, professional and social level. Whenever a parent with hard-to-treat eye diseases manages to see his child’s smile clearly again, only then will we feel our vision being fullfilled.

Mr. Vassileios Spyrou’s  (inspirer and founder of the Institute) personal experience and his journey in search of treatment are proves for such an effort!


Orasis Acupuncture Institute: Our Mission

Our Mission: Help our fellow humans who suffer from rare, severe and hard-to-treat eye diseases so as their vision to be improved.


Our task is to inform, raise awareness and acceptance of Medical Acupuncture and Botanotherapy so as the Public Health in our country (Greece) will be benefited, after the positive decision of the State Central Health Council.

We apply the highest standards of professional practice of the Medical Acupuncture, Electro-acupuncture and Botanotherapy in order to safeguard the best expression of this ancient and simultaneously modern medical practices.

We integrate the scientific approaches of Classical Western Medicine in a useful and effective way so as to broaden the depth of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.), always with the consent of the attending Physician.   

Vision Acupuncture Institute

125-127 Kifisias Ave

Ampelokipi –  Athens, Greece

Cosmos Business Center, Offices 536 – 538

Telephone: +30 210 69 10 401

E-mail: contact at orasisac.com


At our Institute, in the period of Covid-19, we care about your safety and we implement all the prescribed health protocols of  the Greek Ministry of Health and the Infectious Diseases Commission of EODY.