Orasis Acupuncture Institute: How was created?

Its inspirer and founder is Mr. Vassileios Spyrou, himself suffering from Stargardt’s Disease. He experienced the gradual loss of his vision at the age of 21. After a strenuous and costly journey of 25 years in several clinics and hospitals abroad, he blocked the path to total blindness through Medical Acupuncture and Electro-acupuncture. Having undergone treatments in two foreign countries, he is currently continuing his acupuncture sessions at the Orasis Acupuncture Institute” (Athens – Greece), with the ultimate goal the further improvement of his vision.

His contentment is related with the significant visual improvement of every patient who was losing the beauty of the world from his gaze and as it happened to him, hope should never be abandoned!

Orasis Acupuncture Institute: What is it?

“Orasis Acupuncture Institute” is the first specialized center for vision acupuncture in Greece and one of the very few on a worldwide basis. It is a modern health care provider, dedicated to the implementation of Medical Acupuncture, Electro-acupuncture and Botanotherapy as Complementary Medicine, through personalized protocols, for severe and hard-to-treat eye disorders as well as other common diseases.

It operates under the scientific supervision of Professor Konstantinos Kouskoukis (President of the World Academy of Chinese and Complementary Medicine). Manned by two experienced Doctor-Acupuncturists, it is a pioneer in Acupuncture Techniques, Herbal Therapy and the application of a Healthy Lifestyle – Nutrition.

Our main goal is the treatment of rare ophthalmic diseases through Medical Acupuncture, Electro-acupuncture and Botanotherapy, especially in cases where Classical Western Medicine cannot offer further help.

Our commitment is to safeguard the health and improve the quality of life of our patients who suffer from severe eye conditions and disorders. Social support has always been a top priority for us and this is combined with our understanding of the fellow-patient as our companion in the journey to the eventual treatment.

Mr. Vassileios Spyrou possesses deep humanitarian motives as well as essential Corporate Social Responsibility. His personal presence at the patients’ initial appointments who suffer from hard-to-treat eye diseases and disorders, provides them with relief that they are not alone in the process of dealing with their condition. The patient comprehends the progressive phases of the eye disease, decodes the treatment procedure and shares the joy of his gradually restoring vision

The establishment of the Institute was based on our unique and strictly personal initial motivation, thus the purpose of its operation is, above all, humanitarian. We perceive our presence responsibly and sensitively, as part of society, having experienced the vision problem ourselves.

Orasis Acupuncture Institute: Its operation

“Orasis Acupuncture Institute” operates with an Ophthalmologist’s License by the Athens Medical Association as a Medical Acupuncture Practice, while all the personalized sessions are performed solely by specialized Doctor – Acupuncturists.

Our Institute’s Doctor – Acupuncturists apply personalized protocols in accordance with each patient’s disease and more importantly their temperament so as to succeed the best results without any side-effects, always with a holistic approach to the patient and the consent of his/her attending Physician.

Orasis Acupuncture Institute: Where is it?

“Orasis Acupuncture Institute” is located in the heart of Athens – Greece and is housed in an elegant and specially designed area that serves our patients’ needs, on the 5th floor of the Cosmos Business Center, offices 536, 537 and 538 at 125-127 Kifissias Avenue (Ampelokipi district), P.C. 11524  Athens – Greece.

It is served by several public bus and trolley bus lines as well as the line 3 of the Athens Metro (“PANORMOU” Metro Station). In its premises, there is an underground parking, etrance from the Louizis Riankour street.

Our scientific team as well as the administrative personnel are always at your disposal to answer any questions regarding the efficiency of Medical Acupuncture in eyesight improvement and to inform you in detail about the “Orasis Acupuncture Institute”.

Vision Acupuncture Institute

125-127 Kifisias Ave

Ampelokipi –  Athens, Greece

Cosmos Business Center, Offices 536 – 538

Telephone: +30 210 69 10 401

E-mail: contact at orasisac.com


At our Institute, in the period of Covid-19, we care about your safety and we implement all the prescribed health protocols of  the Greek Ministry of Health and the Infectious Diseases Commission of EODY.