Optic Neuritis: The severe diseases concealed and the benefits acupuncture could offer

Optic neuritis is an inflammation of the optic nerve and in 90% of the patients there is no disease concealed. In this case, neuritis will subside within a few weeks or months. In a quarter of the patients a potential relapse could re-occur in the same or the other eye but it does not occur concurrently in both eyes. The only case this could happen is when optic neuritis infects children after severe viruses.

What could the occurrence of Optic Neuritis show for your health condition?

This disease often constitutes an early manifestation of multiple sclerosis. The sooner the acupuncture treatment begins, not only eye symptoms will be alleviated (usually pain, and difficulty in focusing) but also the progress of multiple sclerosis will be halted.

It can also represent a clinical manifestation of autoimmune diseases (such as Crohn’s Disease, lupus erythematosus, temporal arteritis, Wegener granulomatous vasculitis) as well as infectious disease such as toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis and syphilis.

Inflammation could occur in one or both eyes but not concurrently and young women tend to be more vulnerable.

How does Optic Neuritis present – Main Symptoms?

The disease is characterized by sudden loss of vision, with initial loss of central vision and gradually disturbance of the peripheral vision, loss of brightness function and disturbed color perception. Optic neuritis usual clinical presentation is rather disturbing as the patient realizes a gradual deterioration of vision sharpness for 7-10 days, which can be accompanied by pain during eye movement. At the same time, the perception of colors is also affected resulting in the patient to observe that colors appear less bright and faded.

Diagnosis of Optic Neuritis

The diagnosis of optic neuritis is performed by clinical examination while further investigation and potential correlation with multiple sclerosis demands the cooperation with a neurologist and imaging investigation by magnetic resonance MRI scan.

Therapy of Optic Neuritis

The cause of optic neuritis is decisive upon the form of treatment to be followed. Intravenous administration of cortisone has been proved helpful in the majority of cases for quicker vision restoration. Patients with multiple sclerosis need the cooperation of a neurologist with an ophthalmologist. Due to the severe pathology that often accompanies optic neuritis, early diagnosis is absolutely necessary for the health and quality of life of the patient.

Acupuncture for optic neuritis

Acupuncture has the ability to improve the visual function and the conductivity of optic nerves of the affected eye. It manages so by ‘awaking’ the remaining nerve fibers as long as the visual structure is not completely damaged

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