Treatment of macular degeneration with medical acupuncture

My name is Logothetis Leonidas, I am 39 years old and when I was 36, I was diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease. Stargardt’s disease is a disease infecting the central vision, leading to the difficulty with reading, driving and in general, with things that demand using our central vision.

At the age of 36, I visited an ophthalmologist for the first time and he told me that this disease has no treatment. Ι didn’t lose heart. I took a second and a third medical advice, however everyone had the same opinion.

I eventually decided to follow my friend’s advice, who suggested I do acupuncture at the Institute of Medical Acupuncture.

After completing 15 treatment sessions up until now, my vision has been stabilized and reflects the first signs of improvement. As a result, I can drive easier now, I feel more comfortable in my interactions with others and I have started reading again, as reading was almost impossible beforehand.