Stargardt's disease treatment via Acupuncture

Hello everyone, I am 23 years old and I have Stargardt’s disease the last 12 years. Of course, the last decade I have noticed a big difference as far as my vision is concerned, mainly concerning my central vision that Stargardt’s disease is related with. I see a more intense difference during the night, once the sunlight is gone, when the lightness is diminishing to a great extent, so I start losing things around me and my central vision is blurring progressively.

I feel so lucky that acupuncture has become a part of my life, because in this early stage, it has stabilized my condition and improved my lightness, meaning that I have ascended several levels. Every time I have an acupuncture session, I check a specific board and try to read one more font, one level down. That means, I have succeeded in seeing letters I couldn’t see before.

I will not stop doing acupuncture. The earlier one begins the treatment, the better it is.