Adult Vitelliform Dystrophy and Acupuncture

I heard about the Institute during the broadcast on SKAI TV. Unfortunately, I watched only its final part. However, I was lucky to listen to all I needed so I contacted you by telephone for the first time. Then, I sent an email to Dr. Ntovas. I wrote about my condition. Specifically, my condition is called “Vitelliform”. It is a pretty rare eye disease for which Medicine hasn’t found any treatment yet, not even a way to improve the vision of someone who suffers from it.

Dr. Ntovas inducted me on what I should expect, because I already knew by listening to the broadcast what I wanted to do.  He informed me in great detail what I should expect once I started acupuncture treatment. I accepted it with great relief to say, and at the first chance, because I live abroad and not in Greece, I took my car and came here to start my treatment.

After my first two sessions, I noticed a slight improvement. But it is still an improvement and I hope that now I have completed all my sessions, I will be much better and I am going to see you again in the summer that I will come for more treatment sessions. I would like to thank all the personnel because they are all so professional, friendly and positive in what they say. Thank you so much.