Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the standard number of therapies I should have?

Our therapy protocol involves 22 consecutive therapies which are applied as an intense activation practice. In cases of patients from abroad or outside Attica region, these consecutive therapies can be performed on an almost daily basis. The protocol can also be implemented over a two-month period with 11 treatments per month.

How long does each therapy session last?
How often should I get my acupuncture treatments?
What is the cost of each therapy?
Where are the acupuncture points?
Are the needles disposable? Have they been disinfected?
Will I need medical documents or relevant certifications such as earlier diagnosis from doctors?
I will travel from abroad, where will I stay?

There will be recommended facilities upon request, either in hotels or in Airbnb apartments.

On which language will I communicate with the staff of the Center?
Is it possible for a translator to be hired?
Will be helpful for me to wear sunglasses?
Should I take vitamin A supplements or not?
After how many therapies will I experience an improvement in my eyesight?
Should I follow a specific diet?
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