Acupunture cures successfully many eyes disease such as:



Acupuncture for the Health of Your Eyes !

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Our core values   embrace the care and the respect for the human life. Our effort for continuous improvement of the quality of life of our patients derives from life itself, the experience and the daily life of the founder of the ORASIS Acupuncture Center, Mr. Vasileios Spyrou. The experience of the disease against which has been battling for nearly 3 decades now, and the solution he has found in recent years through acupuncture are our driving force.

The provision of high level health care to our patients individually and his/her treatment from a holistic perspective are our main priorities. The latter, being in total harmony with Chinese medicine’s general philosophy. Orasis Acupuncture Center has set as its primary goal to assist the patient with specific vision disorders.

The training and the continuous education of our scientific staff, as well as of our partners, paves the way for the fulfillment of our vision. Working consistently, methodically and persistently on a daily basis, we try to lay a foundation stone in scientifically valid, effective and alternative methods of treating vision problems.

The personal story of Vasilis Spyrou the founder of Orasis Acupuncture Center

βελονισμοσ ματι, κέντρο βελονισμού όρασης, orasisac.com
Our patients tell about us......

I have taken my father Ioannis Linoxilakis 88 yeard old to the Center of  Orasis Acupuncture in Athens almost 3 weeks ago.
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Hope for patients who lose their sight given only acupuncture

"Eye Glaucoma"

Glaucoma is cured by acupuncture.

"Acupuncture Indications

Acupuncture treatment has positive effects in many diseases

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